• fashion-accessories for sophisticated women
  • fashion-accessories for sophisticated women

ABOUT mju.

mju. is a brand that was established in 2014 by Lucie Rezbova. Lucie is a graduate of the Master School of Art Design in Prague and has over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry.

Influenced by a number of her ancestors, who were engaged in various crafts - wood carving, barbery, millinery, she naturally followed the historic family tradition and turned her creative activity on the timeless design of hand-crafted jewelry and accessories. She likes to experiment with various materials, their tooling and the use of rare artisanal techniques.

Her minimalistic yet distinctive creations are dedicated to discerning, sophisticated women, who are not looking for status symbols but products that fit them and their personality. The shared element of mju.’s products is unpretentious nobleness.

All products are manufactured with meticulous care by the artisans in the Czech Republic. Being a family company, mutual respect and integrity are essential to her business.

In 2020, she joined creative forces with Stáňa Šlosserová, her friend and fellow student from art school, and together, they began creating a collaborative work in the form of a clothing collection in the style of a capsule wardrobe. This became the foundation for establishing a new brand SLUŠÍTO www.slusito.cz

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